Re: Hatch door repair

william reynolds

   There is another solution to the Hatch Door problem. If you lift the door and cut it off with a Fein tool at 20 inches, the lower section will come right out. Then you square off the cut on a table saw and epoxy thin teak faces on the cuts. Rejoin the two halves with a SS piano hinge  (on the inside face) and add a thin gasket between the two halves. The hatch now can be removed for refinishing or repair anytime with no fuss. You simply lift the door 20 inches, pivot the top section forward and remove the door. If additional security is desired, an additional  SS backing plate can be  installed in the inside of the door.  Now the hatch can be removed for painting or repair and replaced at any time.
 Bill Reynolds.
Cloudstreet SM2K 331

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