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Mark Erdos

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We had constant issues with our bow thruster and a small amount of water coming in. I followed the directions for the service to the letter and for a few months it would be dry. Then, slowly the drips began and over time would slowly get worse. I found myself having to change the seals every 6-months to a year.


I changed Jose’s seals in Galapagos before crossing tp French Polynesia. So far, the area is bone dry! 6 months now.



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Hello All, 
I am ordering 10 pr (min order size) of the silicone BT seals pioneered by Jose Venegas a while back. Although I have not used them myself they are apparently quite effective and I am anxious to install them on Liesse (if I ever manage to see her again).   I will have an extra 4 pr at USD 81.00/pr. plus shipping for anyone that would like a pair or two.  If you have specific questions about them I would refer you to the archives.  Private message me if you are interested.  Thanks. 
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David Bruce

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