Re: Cleaning fresh water tank on my SM2K

James Cromie

Hi Dave.  I’m familiar with this view!  Last year, I opened up all of the ports, and found mold balls on the walls of the water tank.  I flushed our tanks with bleach solution as described elsewhere, but this will not remove the adherent growth.  You will need to mechanically clean the surfaces, which is a bit tedious.   I did this by using a soft putty knife attached to the end of a broomstick or similar.   I let everything sit in a bleach solution for 2 days, which likely helped to loosen a great deal of the residual material.  Once removing all of the adherent material with the scraper, I repeated the process with a scrub brush attached on an extension.   

I then sprayed water and used a portable pump with a long hose extension to suction out all of the particulate material.   This was repeated numerous times until all debris was evacuated.  Finally, I fully filled the tank again with a dilute bleach solution, let sit overnight, and then drained completely.   One lide of the tank was kept accessible so that I could easily use the portable pump to drain the water quickly.  (I used a high capacity Parmax puppy pump (50 gal / min) that I keep on board as an auxillary bilge pump if I needed to evacuate water from the cabin for any reason.  

For simplicity, I simply wire it onto my gray water bilge pump switch and used that as a temporary means of supplying the 24V power for the pump. 

Perhaps someone else out there has a better idea than what I felt I needed to do to clean the tanks  completely… 

James Cromie
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On Nov 6, 2020, at 07:07, David Kurtz via <Davidwkurtz@...> wrote:

Good morning all!  I tried cleaning my fresh water tank using Bill’s alternate method (fill with bleach solution, let sit for 48 hours, drain, flush, etc.) and did not get the desired results.  The attached photo shows what I am dealing with.  Seems to be a couple varieties of mold that was not killed off by the bleach solution.  Now that I am opening up all three access ports I want to clean it with something that works, but doesn’t poison my whole family 😳.  What have some of you used for cleaning?<214D1856-A9F4-4713-BDFD-CA75CE8E2004.jpeg>
Dave Kurtz
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