Re: Cleaning fresh water tank on my SM2K

James Alton


   We cleaned the tanks in our Maramu and they were much worse than your, in fact we even had live snails living in there!  There was also significant amount of sediment in the aft low end of the tank.  I just used the bleach version of Soft scrub and a medium deck type brush with an extension handle to clean our tank followed by lots of flushing and pumping.  I was concerned that the abrasive powder in the Soft Scrub might be abrasive so I used a portable diaphragm pump to remove the water and debris instead of the ships water system. Obviously rinse the tank from forward to aft to flush things downhill.    Maybe be a little careful with the putty knife in case you encounter some loose gel coat, some came loose on my boat just from the scrubbing.


SV Sueno
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On Nov 6, 2020, at 10:07 AM, David Kurtz via <Davidwkurtz@...> wrote:

Good morning all!  I tried cleaning my fresh water tank using Bill’s alternate method (fill with bleach solution, let sit for 48 hours, drain, flush, etc.) and did not get the desired results.  The attached photo shows what I am dealing with.  Seems to be a couple varieties of mold that was not killed off by the bleach solution.  Now that I am opening up all three access ports I want to clean it with something that works, but doesn’t poison my whole family 😳.  What have some of you used for cleaning?<214D1856-A9F4-4713-BDFD-CA75CE8E2004.jpeg>
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