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Alexandre Uster von Baar

Good afternoon, 

Not sure the message was to me, but since my name is Alexandre, I thought I would answer!!!  

After 1 - 1.5 year, my bow thruster started to leak (water coming in while sailing) (I later realized it often started after I motor too quickly bow thruster down - but that is another story).  

First, I checked every day I used the boat and every 24 hour of sailing (when there was no known leak).  

Second, I added a “High water Alarm”, very practice when there is a leak, you are alerted when you have 15-20 liters of water

Third, I added a bilge pump to remove the water and put it in the head (bathroom - not toilet), which itself would go to the bilge and be emptied from there.   

You have all the pictures on:

Sincerely, Alexandre (Currently in Geneva, Switzerland). 

On Saturday, November 7, 2020, 11:05:31 AM CST, Santorin LO via <santorinlo18@...> wrote:

Hi Alexander (or anyone else),
While on relatively long trip in Greece is that when the bow thruster hole (of the cylinder in the forward cabin - the 3rd picture of your page) is underwater (when pitching) - water is coming through. As limited with lifting her right now or perform full service to the bow thruster (no time to get spares etc...). Need to find a quick (but proper) fix to this seal while in the water.

My question are as follows:

a. Good to know - what would be the emergency practice to this problem middle of long passage? (except of shifting weight to stern) anyway to seal it from the top without removing anything?
b. The specific seal is only from Amel or could be found or made anywhere?
c. What is the Amel special tool for - only to lead the shaft/cylinder back to its hole? can the bow thruster be removed and back without?
d. Would it be relatively easy to replace the seal without the tool?

Getting to know our baby better and better...


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