Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: bow thruster service. Problem

Santorin LO

Hi Group,

Just observed that water is coming through the main cylinder / shaft hole in the forward cabin picture 3 and pic headed "Removed the old seal (please note that I did not had the 2 retainer screws") in Alexanders document) when in wavy seas the hole is below the waterline.

Am currently on a relative long trip in Greece would and would prefer to do the full service when on the hard when done with my trip, will need to fix only this for  now and trying to find out the following:

a. Good to know - what would be the mercy practice for water coming through there on a long passage with no means to get spares and heavy leakage - of course shifting weight back, but anyway to seal it temporarily as it is?

b. Amel tool - what is the use of it? - push down the shat? lead it back to its position? can be done without? seen your direction for it Bill, but unless it is literally IN the the black housing which I didn't open - couldn't see it).

c. the neofoam seals - 2 outside, 1 inside -  meaning? I can see 2 between the shaft to the hole from the cabin, the 3rd on e is below the hole (from its ' sea side)?

d. the relevant problem seal mentioned above - is it only by delivery from Amel or could be found / made by spec - then what is the spec? same question for the neofoam seals.

Thank you all in advance 

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