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Hello All, 

 I had posted availability of 4 pr of the silicone seals that I had available from my order of 10 (min order size).  Since they have been spoken for and I have had some additional interest, I am posting the information I received from Jose regarding ordering them.  Perhaps someone else wants to place an order.  Ray seems very accommodating and will accept credit card.  



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Date: October 24, 2020 at 5:28:46 PM PDT
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Hi Dave, I am glad to hear that Steve is happy with the seals.  I still have the same ones and probably will last a few more years before I have to change them given that I am no longer moored at a marina, and thus causing minimal wear on them.  

As you could imagine, the order of the seals was easy but sending them and getting paid for them was a pain in the neck.  I still have my two new sets in addition to the older ones that are still working fine, so I am not envisioning purchasing more within the next 10 years.  

One thing I do is to avoid placing the pin on them while I am in a marina to prevent additional forces that could deform them over time.  I do put the pin as soon as I am out of the marina and take it out only before arriving.

Here is the information of my order and you can mention my name if that can help.  Also remind them to keep the dimensions as close as possible to the design;  in the last batch they were off a little bit on one of the dimensions, which did not affect the performance of the seals but it would be better if they follow the exact design.

Good luck,


10 pcs. Silicone wiper 59.5 x 80 x 4/12 =$ 31.65ea.
20 pcs.                          ditto                          =$ 29.75ea.
10 pcs. Silicone u-cup 59.5 x 80 x 12 = $ 32.50ea.
20 pcs.                          ditto                     =  $ 30 75ea.
Will need 14-17 business days to ship.      
Ray Romanick
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SSP Manufacturing Inc.
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Hackettstown, NJ 07840
Phone: 908-852-3125
Fax: 908-852-3425

On Oct 24, 2020, at 6:09 PM, david bruce <davidcbruce57@...> wrote:

Hi Jose,   

I have been speaking with Steve Davis of Aloha and he is very pleased with the performance of the silicone seals that you had made.  I would like to use on my Santorin and Steve would like some extras for Aloha.  Are they at all available any more?  I know this was a lot of work for you and would understand if you didn’t want to be the broker for them any more but if this should be the case we (Steve and I) are wondering if it would be possible to get the specs and fabrication source information, and perhaps we could have another batch made.  

Thank you, hope all is well aboard Ipanema.

Best regards,

Dave Bruce
Amel Santorin

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