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Rudolf Waldispuehl

Hi Doug,  - your post is great and helpful information. Thank you!

I have a question for the Group; - how can I change the seals of the Sidepower-BT?
Do I need to dismount the complete device to replace the Donut foam seals at the bottom?

Does anyone have a handbook how to proceed to change the seals including the lip-seals?

Thanks and best 
Ruedi Waldispühl
WASABI A54-#55

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I wanted to add to the information available for the bow thrusters for Amel 54’s.  Mine wasn’t going up or down, and when it was down, it wasn’t going to starboard.  If you are having difficulty with your thruster or just want to understand it better, these files might help.


Doug Smith

S/V Aventura, Amel 54-113

Deltaville, VA USA


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