Re: Furler motor to gearbox sm2000

Mike Ondra

I have experienced exactly the same shaft sharing on both the outhaul Leroy summer motor as well as the furling motor. Clean brakes both. My sense is that with a very very slight misalignment of the gearbox to the motor shaft that overtime stresses eventually weaken the shaft and then an incident of shock load from operating The motor shears the shaft.
Mike Ondra
Aletes SM #240

On Nov 8, 2020, at 3:15 AM, michael winand via <mfw642000@...> wrote:

Hi.I have encountered this problem with my main furler motor. 
I have sheared the shaft on the leroy somer motor where it enters the gearbox. 
Any suggestions on how I would be causing this problem?
The gearbox is still working well. As I have it apart I will give it a full service. 
I would like to ask if anyone has been through this issue and what action is needed to fix this. 
I'm not sure if this is a design that allows the shaft to be replaced as a sacrificial item to prevent overloading?I have taken a photo of the issue. 
Apon removal it was still the original installation. The electrical brushes still have most of their length intact. 
Many thanks to the group 
Michael  Nebo  sm251 


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