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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi regarding the lost auto prop. There is a company in Newport Rhode Island USA that supplies and services Autprop. We recently had ours serviced there. The company is AB Marine. Phone 401 847 7960, we dealt with Stephen. Sorry don't have email or postal for them.
Danny and Yvonne SM 299

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Why dot you have a key made where tou are?

steve@ab-marine. com he is the usa agent for auto prop USA.

When you put the auto prop back on, If you findit. Use duralac to to hlod in
the setscrew.


Sm 376 kimberlite


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Hello all,

We are currently cruising in Sausalito California. While docking this
weekend I lost power due to our Autoprop loosening itself and spinning off
the shaft. We were able make a nice landing without causing any damage,
however we're now stranded at the dock without power. We're hiring a diver
to attempt a recovery of the prop tomorrow, but it may be lost for good.

Our last haulout was in March of this year and the prop was removed and
serviced. Since then we've sailed through the Pacific NW, Canada, and down
to California. Has anyone else lost their prop, and if so any ideas on the
root cause?

We're unable to put on our spare fixed propeller because we don't have a
propeller shaft key (it went down with the Autoprop)

Does anyone know of a US source for an Amel SM2000 propeller key or the
dimensions that I could take to a machine shop? Also does anyone know of a
US source and shaft dimensions so that I can order a new Autoprop if I need

Thank you,
Brian Trautman
Amel SM 2000 #303

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