Re: New Thread on A54 fridge pumps (ATTN: OLIVER Vela Nautica)

Scott SV Tengah

Update: I now have the brush less fridge pump motor up and running. It's self priming by virtue of using the flojet pump head. 

It has a brushless motor which theoretically will last much much longer than the brushed flojet motors. Every single flojet failure I had prior was due to the brushes wearing down and the commutator getting scored beyond repair. 

I surmise the next failure point will be either bearings or the diaphragm in the pump head. I have multiple slightly used backups by virtue of my old failed pumps and also replacing those parts is cheap and possible. 

I've been working with Oliver on this prototype for a while now and it has delivered. A few kinks need to be worked out and today I'll try to measure water output from the old flojet and adjust the speed of the brush less motor to match it. I think frigoboat wants 6l per minute. 

Up shot is that it should last far longer. At my current motor speed it is drawing 60% less power then the flojet brushed motor. Even with two fridges on and the freezer, the freezer evaporator plate, which I think is last to get cooling water is showing -26c so I think current flow rate is sufficient but I'll verify objectively. 

I still have a stock flojet next to it in case this pump dies. That's more about me wanting redundancy because I'm reasonably confident this will far outlast the multiple flojets that I've chewed through. 

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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