Amel SM Boom Slider Mounts to Hang Blocks and Preventer


SM owners,

As many of you know there have been some issues with the Main Boom Aluminum Slider Mounts cracking and failing.
Mat Day, the new owner of SM 209 ADAGIO has a great solution that you might want to take advantage of. He has a friend with the knowledge, engineering software, and equipment to make this for your SM Boom:
The following is what Matt Day wrote:
6061 Aluminum
316 Stainless bushings and set screws
Hard anodized @ 0.050" penetration

The guy's name is Phil McGloin [513-907-1601; pmcgloin@...].  He is one hell of a solid Mechanical Engineer and owns a Prototyping Machine Shop (PnP Tech Works LLC).  I have working with him for several years.

If anyone is looking for an engineer/machinist to help out, he is a solid resource.  It's hard to find persons with solid technical and practical skills.  Phil is one of the best I have worked with.  He has 3 additional parts available if anyone is interested at $325(+ shipping).

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