Re: Lithium Batteries under Consideration

Scott SV Tengah


If you have the master volt 110/24 alternator you'll need the alpha pro 2 or later regulator. You'll also need the masterbus-usb interface to pick the lithium profile. No way to do it otherwise. 

If you have a bms that can send a signal out to indicate over or under voltage, it's possible to setup the alpha pro 2 to safely stop charging. Took me a while (and included the help of an engineer who used to break into car ecus for fun and profit) to figure it out but it's relatively simple at the end of the day. 

My victron mains and solar chargers are turned off by an external bms signal too, so no worries about high voltage disconnect. 

I'm curious how it's done with these drop in batteries - I simply don't know how they protect against hvd without destroying the alternator, mains charger and solar charger. Further if the battery is disconnected from the circuit, wouldn't you have a voltage spike, damaging your electronics? Hvd has happened to me on more than one occasion due to high charging currents on batteries that went slightly out of balance. Didn't happen until after the first year, so don't be overconfident if it doesn't happen right away. 

For long term storage if you're storing on the hard, just disconnect everything at 40-50%soc and the self discharge is negligible. 

With master volt I believe you can set a charging limit based on soc. With my victron I did a workaround where I have the programmable relay within the bmv712 battery monitor turn on the inverter at say 75% and run a 230v load (dehumidifer) until it drops to 45% or so. Dries the boat and keeps it from keeping the battery overcharged when I leave the boat for extended periods 

Hope this helps. 
2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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