Rolls Batteries

Slavko Despotovic

Sorry to add some more about batteries. Previous owner replaced batteries 10 years ago with Victron AGM . So far I did not have any problems but I know from my previous boat that they much overdue for replacement. On my 2003 40th foot  I was replacing batteries every 5-7 years. Sailing 3-6 months per year and consuming 120-160Ah at 12V per day.
I am not ready for lithium as this is my first year of Amel ownership so I would go for AGM or GEL batteries. At first the Victron was a choice but then I found Rolls battery AGM with very high numbers of cycles. So, my question is strait-forward, What is the experience with Rolls 105Ah batteries, and as they very expensive for AGM, are they worth the price.

Thank you.
SM 2000
#279 currently in Portoroz, Slovenia

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