Re: Lithium Batteries under Consideration

Grant Starling


Yes, both are 12v, I have a Santorin which runs a 12v system, I guess if you are running a 24v house bank that would complicate it some, but there is probably a solution out there.


It is a lot of capacity but I converted the entire boat to electric, no gas, so we do have a larger capacity need as we are running a convection oven/microwave combo and 2 plate induction hobb, plus toaster, kettle etc etc.  I have a victory multiplus 3000w inverter charger running the show.  I will eventually have 800w solar on arch and hardtop and a decent wind generator which should mean little if any generator requirement.

Of course until I am actually out on anchor for an extended period I won’t know for sure.  But can add components as required to properly balance the system.  I took the decision to err on the side of caution capacity wise.


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