Re: Adjusting Ultraflex steering cables?

Beaute Olivier

Hello Scott,

in order to tension the cables' sheaths, you need to turn the threaded tubes clockwise when looking to portside.
Before this, you need to undo the big nut of each cable while you hold firmly the threaded tube with plyers.
Once released, mark the tubes with a blade in order to know how much you turn. Both tubes must be turned of the same amount, usually between 1 and 2 turns.
The best way to assess how much you need to turn is to have someone at the helm and someone at the quadrant.
Turn the wheel of a quarter of a turn, watch the quadrant and mark the position, then turn the wheelslowly the other way until the person at the quadrant says STOP as soon as he sees the quadrant move. Then you knwo how much slack you have on the wheel circumference. 5 cm is acceptable and necessary. 10 cm and more is too much.
Your goal is to turn the tubes until you have only 5 cm slack on the wheel.

Hope this is clear.

it's just like when you adjust the tension on your bicycle brake cable sheath.


On Friday, November 20, 2020, 08:25:21 AM GMT+1, Scott SV Tengah <scott.nguyen@...> wrote:

Hi all,

I have Ultraflex M61 ft 25 82 steering cables on my A54 and they're in need of adjustment. I believe these are the same cables in the SM. There's a bit too much play and well, Olivier's purchase survey stated that I should tighten them. Additionally when using the linear AP, there's a bit of a clunk that I've isolated to the steering quadrant end of the cables. The steering rack end is totally quiet.

Has anyone successfully tightened these cables? If I try to turn the large bronze nut, entire assembly rotates and it seems the cable does seem to tighten a bit momentarily.  But because black jacketed portion of the steering cable also rotates, once I remove my wrench from the large bronze nut, the entire assembly rotates back to the previous position.

I took the steering quadrant off and tried to rotate the end "toggle" that attaches to the quadrant, but that too will rotate back to the previous position if I try to tighten it.

Any help appreciated!

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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