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Amel has changed antifouling over the years. Amel currently uses SEAJET 033 SHOGUN. Amel SAV told me that SEAJET antifouling is compatible with all others, although I would double-check that. I continue to respect the quality of Micron 66.

I had antifouling flaking upon haul-out as you describe. It was traced to an unscrupulous painter who substantially thinned my Micron 66 before application with an airless sprayer. Like you, it was fine as long as it was wet, but once it dried, it started flaking. The manufacturer of Micron 66, International, traced the problem to a well-known painter in New Zealand. International reimbursed me for some of the costs of removing all of the antifouling. I am not saying this is your issue, but it definitely happened to me. We had everything scraped and sanded down to the gelcoat and started over. 

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During the decades I have sailing I have learned the kind of antifouling does not depend of the brand of the boat but rather more of the water the boat is swimming in.
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