Re: Replacing standing rigging - advice for other jobs?

Mark McGovern


Congratulations on the purchase and welcome to the Amel cult family!  I'm replacing my rigging this winter as well and I am strongly considering taking the masts down to replace it so I have been giving this topic some thought.  Things I'm considering doing include:

  • Inspect/replace the halyard sheaves 
  • Servicing the Genoa Furler
  • Servicing the Forestay/Main/Mizzen Swivels
  • Replacing the Steaming Light/Deck Light
  • Inspecting/Cleaning connections on the B&G Masthead Unit 
  • Replacing cables
  • Replacing any cable ties (Amel apparently used string originally but contractors don't and UV kills them quickly)
  • Thoroughly cleaning and polishing mast and spreaders
There's a decent thread on this topic here that likely has a few more suggestions:

Mark McGovern
SM #440 Cara
Deale, MD USA

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