In mast furler - Brake - Amel 54

Stefan Schaufert

Dear Amelians,


after a lot of work there is still a problem with the brake of the in-mast-furler.

I disassembled the furling unit (it had no water inside; repaired also the motor etc.), but not the brake, completely and reassembled it.

At first the brake was working fine again (clearly clicking when switching). After some trails it stops working. I checked the relay (green, small box) and changed it. It is working (clicking). 


I can only assume, the brake is broken/ has a kind off loose contact (perhaps in the wires).

BUT may be there is another reason/ something else from your experiences.

For example Alexander (A54#156) wrote once, „It (the brake) needs a carefull synchronisation with the furler engine.“
What does it mean?


Any hints are much appreciated.


Best regards 


A54 #119 Lady Charlyette currently Luperon, Dominican Republic

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