Re: In mast furler - Brake - Amel 54 + top cap

Stefan Schaufert

Dear Porter,

the top cap was a real problem and appr. 2 hours work.
Finally, I hung the lower end of the pipe under the boom so that the top cap is at the bottom.  Then carefully place a screwdriver between the cap and tube and - as carefully as possible with a rubber mallet - hit it down step by step.  The top cap is glued in with silicon or something similar.  So this is not a good, but possibly the only, treatment method and the edges no longer look good.  But the biggest mess was the motor.  There was no water in it, but it was full of gear grease, 2 permanent magnets had come loose and stuck to the rotor, others were loose to the stator, many edges broken. So, if your in mast furler keeps stopping again and again, this can be a good reason.
But the brushes were - contrary to my assumption - ok :-).

Hope it helps.

Best regards
A54 #119 Lady Charlyette Luperon, Dominican Republic

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