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These are so reliable that there is very little experience in troubleshooting and repair. I have no experience and few owners have very little.

I don't know how to help, other than to say most issues have been control issues and not motor and gearbox. Please let me know when you find a solution. 


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Hi Bill Yesterday the port sheet winch motor malfunctioned. When i tried to operate it  it would turn but in a few seconds slow to a stop as if it was overloaded. Obviously I immediately deactivated it. After a minute or so I tried again. Same result. Loaded or unloaded. The winch turns freely by hand and by winch handle so the problem is either in the motor or gearbox. Any suggestions. I have got under it and externally it looks fine. Do you know if its possible to separate the motor from the gearbox in situ. See photos attached



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