ONAN replacement or not?

Alexander Ramseyer

Dear Amelians,
my MDKAW is on ca 8000 hrs and I'm thinking about a replacement before sailing to the Pacific. The new 9 kW model (Marine QD space safer) MDKDL was offered to me for USD 12'195 - no discount. So here are my 2 questions:

1. Does anyone know a source that sells ONAN at a discounted price? If necessary please use private e-mail (alexramseyer@...)

2. I understand that the diesel part of the generator should be good to be used up to 12000 hrs if maintained well. The electricity generating part however seems to be pretty much end of life at around 8000hrs. Does anyone have experience with renewing the electrical part? Does it makes sense to do that considering part and labor cost, assuming the revised gen-set will run at least another 4000h?
Thanks for sharing your experience,
currently in Carriacou

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