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I had a different problem with my winch. However I had to remove it to repair it.

If you reach to the top of the gearbox you will feel a number of socket head screws at the top of the gearbox assembly.. You cannot see them.

If you loosen these the whole assembly will drop down.


In my case the screws sheared off and caused the whole assembly to bang back and forth until the motor came apart. I made new screws to hold the motor together and replaced the socket head screws with grade 10 (black) screws and installed them with locktite.


The real problem is to put the motor back. You have to align the assembly and then put in a few screws to get the mounting process started.

You will be doing this blind with the heavy assembly over your head. I found that impossible.



I finally cut the heads off of a couple of slightly longer bolts and ground the cut off end to be slightly  rounded.

This allowed me to install the motor and while holding it up have someone else start a couple of socket head screws. Works like a charm.

There is also a thin plastic washer (isolation shim) at the top of the gearbox assembly that should be replaced.


I would suggest anyone reading this to have someone operate the winch for a second or two. If the gearbox-motor assembly moves. It’s time to change the bolts and make sure they are very tight.

I found my other winch to also be loose.


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Thanks Adam, I am expecting to be able to refurbish/repair my winch but I will keep your advice re replacement in reserve. 


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I have just replaced the same motor and gear box. I sourced the replacement from Mauripro, at a good price and with excellent service.  The unit is heavy so be careful pulling it off.
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