BVI Fines for sailing I n BVI waters


I have just learned of at least two cruising boats who were sttraying through BVI waters (with no intention of landing) who were stopped by BVI coast guard boats, escorted to a BVI port, and held in quarantine while charges were filed and $20,000 fines levied.  These boats were apparently detained until payment made. All in response to Covid laws prohibiting foreign vessels from entering.

I have written to the BVI to express my disgust at their draconian treatment of these people, the life's blood of the BVI.  I will not sail ir visit there again until and unless they apologize to those individuals and cruisers in general, the fines are rescinded, and their policy softened to allow for a simple warning for the first offense.

If you feel the same, I recommend that you let them know as well.

Kent & Iris

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