Re: ONAN replacement or not?

michael winand

I have a set of 8 on a sm2000. 
No issues so far  just on 2 years.  Around 300 cycles, average discharge is 135 amps. Deepest 325amps.
I have battery balance via victron. Sometimes I will see the balancer kicking on,   its only doing it's thing for a few minutes. 
Charging  via a victron quattro 120amp charger. Solar 1kw. Engine 150amp Alternator. 
Have left them disconnected for 3months. And connected with no charge for 2 months.  
They were all in a excellent state of charge when put back into service. 
Just to remind everyone lithium have a few things that are not ideal. Cold service is one. 
Michael Nebo sm251 

On Wed, 2 Dec 2020 at 5:17 pm, Dean Gillies
<stella@...> wrote:

I hear and read about so many cruisers with defective Firefly batteries. Its also clear that the manufacturer has usually replaced them under warranty after sending the customer through some testing hoops.

I have also heard the stories about previous production problems that are now 'fixed'. What evidence is there of this fix? Is there anyone on this forum that can report an incident-free experience with Firefly batteries for say two years or more? If not then I'd have to suggest that the jury is still out on reliability of Firefly batteries. 

it's good that the company has been honouring the warranty, but personally I'd prefer not to interrupt my cruising season trying to manage the logistics of getting specialist batteries replaced. 

I'm still considering my battery replacement technology.

Cheers, Dean
SV Stella A54-154


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