Water ingress close to the rudder tube

Martin Birkhoff

Dear Amelians

after renewing the packings of the stuffing box three weeks ago we recognized water ingress in the aft compartment of our 54. By drilling two inspection holes in the upper plywood cover we checked the compartment by endoscope camera. There are some black lines which seem to be cracks. We could locate three spots where water is creeping in. Two spots are more or less one inch in front and on portside of the rudder stock, the third spot is a dark area at the vertical plywood just in front of the rudder stock. This is close to the position where a copper element is entering the GRP in front of the rudder stock.

We had no grounding and as far as we know the former owner had no grounding too. Have anyone heard of a similar problem?

SV Mago del Sur - 54#40

currently Cherbourg


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