Mastervolt installation help

Billy Newport

I have ordered a Mastervolt DC500/Mastershunt/EasyView 5 and a SCM60. I am planning on replacing my Victron MPPT with the SCM60. My boat has an alphapro ii alternator regulator and the usual 100 and 60A chargers. I also have an EasyView 5. All of these have masterbus connections.
Is it an simple as just replacing the DC bus bars in the battery compartment with the DC500/Shunt, replace the victron with the SCM60, install the EasyView 5 in the cockpit dash, wire it all together with masterbus and voila?
I am hoping to tell all chargers to use the shunt for voltage/temperature. Can this be done without a mastervolt tech with a password for masteradjust? Is EasyView 5 sufficient to adjust all these settings?

Billy (Amel 55#56).

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