Re: BVI Fines for sailing I n BVI waters

Brent Cameron

I would send it to a politician rather than to the bureaucracy.  In parliamentary democracies like the BVI (or Canada), the ministers are much more likely to actually go fix issues.  I had a quick look and the politician actually responsible for cross border management, national security and ship registrations AND tourism is the Premier’s office (they only have 6 other ministries so I guess he has the catch all).  His email is premier at gov dot vgand while he won’t likely answer directly, as a politician, he will have a staff of people ensuring that those issues are well dealt with.  His name is the Honourable Andrew Fahie (a bit of sugar helps too).     I have sent one to him directly too.  This is complete silliness as they will need all the tourist dollars they can get when this COVID situation gets back to some semblance of normal.  Glad to see they dropped the fines to 5% of the initial but it is still silliness.  Good on you for tackling this Kent!


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