Re: Any SM owners use a Beta engine??

Dan Wilcox

Happy to hear that the pictures helped.  Don't hesitate if you need any specific additional ones.  

I located the fuel filters on the back wall.  I wanted easy access to it, and it's mid-point between engine and generator.

Good luck with the install. I know you will enjoy the new engine.

Thanks, Dan 
Feierabend SM#86

On Thursday, December 3, 2020, 11:32:04 PM PST, Mark Barter <markbarter100@...> wrote:

Thanks Dan, I have sent those photographs to the fitter. He really seems now to have got on top of this job so I am more confident  that it will go well.

I can see that you have moved the fuel filter but I can't see where you have put it. 

I was thinking of putting the dual filters that I have bought a bit higher and the other side of the valve shut off extension.  
Mark & Nicky Barter
S/V Nunky
SM 110

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