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The fuel filters are mounted in a position that is a little uncomfortable to access for a good reason. When positioned as God and Henri Amel wished, the filters will almost always be below the fuel level in the tank with any reasonable amount of fuel being contained. This makes it very easy to purge/bleed the fuel feed line and the fuel filter containments and filters with just the head pressure from the fuel tank.


If you position them higher, you run the risk of not having a positive pressure of fuel to the fuel feed line and filters unless the fuel tank is very full. In such a case you would need to source fuel from a portable tank and pour it into the open filter tops and perhaps get a bubble/embolism in the fuel feed line which would make purging/bleeding the system more difficult. The other solution would be to mount an electric fuel pump to occasionally use to supply pressurized fuel. The life span on such an electrical pump which is seldom used would not be long. If it failed at the moment you really need to purge/prime the fuel system, that could be way more inconvenient than having to contort yourself to service them in the original position.


I too questioned the logic of this the first time I saw the set-up at the shipyard in La Rochelle. I questioned Jacques Carteau, the fellow who designed this system, why he had done so. He gave me a withering look and mutter something under his breath as only the French can do, then he patiently gave me the explanation I have just shared with you.  


Yes, I am an unabashed enthusiast for everything Amel and I have made a good living selling Amel boats for 40 years. But this enthusiasm is deserved. When something seems odd or contrary on an Amel, there is almost always a very good reason for the peculiar aspect of the component.

Consider the entire situation before you change anything from the provided configuration.


Have fun with your Amel!


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Happy to hear that the pictures helped.  Don't hesitate if you need any specific additional ones.  


I located the fuel filters on the back wall.  I wanted easy access to it, and it's mid-point between engine and generator.


Good luck with the install. I know you will enjoy the new engine.


Thanks, Dan 

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Thanks Dan, I have sent those photographs to the fitter. He really seems now to have got on top of this job so I am more confident  that it will go well.

I can see that you have moved the fuel filter but I can't see where you have put it. 

I was thinking of putting the dual filters that I have bought a bit higher and the other side of the valve shut off extension.  
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