Re: A54 bilge pump problems...

Chris Likins

Hi everyone, thank you for the information. 


I have sealed and coated everything (two halves, main cover, flapper valves, inlet and outlet hoses) with a generous amount silicone grease, the suction hose is brand new, two hose clamps are in place and yet I am still having the same problem. I took the lower hose off the boat and filled it with water. A small trickle of water was coming out of the joker valve at the bottom. Should this be happening?  


I have zero trouble priming the pump while covering the outlet on top of the pump with my hand. It seems to pump OK when the motor is cold, as it warms up it gets slower and slower until it is hardly able to pump out any water at all. The motor sounds like its gets weaker and weaker the longer it runs. Any clues what this might point to inside the motor? 


As always, thanks for the help!

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