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Good Morning Amelians,
I hope this message finds everyone well and happy throughout the globe.
I'm looking to install a smart external regulator. 
I'm looking into 2 currently.
a. wakespeed 500   Another Amel owner has installed this unit with good results, and I'm awaiting more information on it and it's installation.
b. ZM5  I recently got a return email from the company (located in New Zealand). Information pending.
Has anyone had any experience with the ZM?

I'm looking to install a diesel heater aboard.
I'm giving serious consideration to a hydronic system. One aspect of a hydronic system is that it can heat the boat without the heater operating while the engine is running, with the engine coolant circulating and providing the heat to the fan units, If anyone has used a bus heater, that's how it works. Without the engine on, the diesel heater warms the coolant in the lines. The engine, heater, AND the hot water system are in series, so one has the luxury of heating your hot water while the diesel heater is running also.
The particular system I'm focusing on is a Webasto 2010s.
It can have up to 4 fan/zones. I would install 1 in the main cabin, 1 in forward cabin, 1 in masters cabin, and 1 at the helm. The luxury of a heated helm  (within the enclosure ) would be nice. These bus heaters produce heat at a very high rate.
Has anyone had any experience with this, or for that matter any hydronic system aboard their vessel?

I recently ran Spirit back from Puerto Rico to NY on a solo run of what turned out to be 1600nm.
Before leaving, I strapped a fuel bladder (50gal) on top of the stern cabin. I bought 2 pipes each with a shut off valve. 1 a fill (larger to accommodate the fuel nozzle), 1 an outflow with a fitting to attach a hose to run into the fuel tank. I used a clear hose so I could see the fuel flowing. Once I knew I had used up more than 50 gal of fuel, I ran the hose into the tank, and while applying pressure to the bladder with my knee, opened the outflow valve, and the fuel siphoned into the tank, sucking all the fuel out of the bladder. It worked like a charm. I took off the pipes, and replaced the bladder caps, rolled the bladder up. and that was that. If anyone is interested in the bladder hookup and type, let me know.

Thanks in advance for any feedback on the 2 other issues.
Jeff Spirit Amel 54 #14
back in Shinnecock NY

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