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You originally said, "pumping seemed normal. A few days later I noticed the pump was running for a very long time. After activation from the float switch, it began to pump, however, once the water in the sump began to decrease, so did its pumping ability, so much so that it was unable to pump out the last bit of water to turn the switch off."

I addressed non-mechanical issues because I believed that you were clearly stating that your pump was working mechanically. Apparently, you have a combination of mechanical issues. The mechanical parts, such as the nylon gear, are available from TF Marine (info@...). I believe 100% of the parts used in previous versions of this pump made by A.M.F.A. and others as the model number "Marina ZZ" are directly replaceable by parts from TF Marine.

Mohammad is correct about the one-way valve in the foot of the pick-up. With it working correctly, the pump primes itself quicker, but if the pump is working correctly this one-way valve is not critical to the pump being able to lift water from the sump.

SAV @ has had the nylon gear in stock from time-to-time.

Here is a drawing, but unfortunately, it does not show the Delrin (looks like nylon) gear as a separate part:

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I managed to get the whole clutch taken out finally. You can see the gap in the nylon gear. I do have an entire spare pump (although the motor shaft is snapped in half) so I am hoping to salvage the clutch off of that pump if it is still in good condition. The spare pump is currently in the shop and its a holiday weekend here in Thailand so I have to wait until Tuesday to find out... 


In the old thread you posted, you mentioned you epoxied the old nylon gear to repair it. Can you give a little bit more detail of exactly how you did that?


Thank you!


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