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Sv Garulfo


The key point of the mcGiver repair is to nail the plastic ring to the aluminum wheel. Craig describes that nicely in his post. I then opted to fill the remaining gap in the ring with epoxy. Simply by closing the sides by pinning a couple of cardboard sheets with a clothing peg and letting a drop of epoxy in the gap. Let it cure, and with a dremel tool, cut a new groove to accommodate the regular spacing of the gears. Test it and file the groove until the motion is smooth. 


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I managed to get the whole clutch taken out finally. You can see the gap in the nylon gear. I do have an entire spare pump (although the motor shaft is snapped in half) so I am hoping to salvage the clutch off of that pump if it is still in good condition. The spare pump is currently in the shop and its a holiday weekend here in Thailand so I have to wait until Tuesday to find out... 


In the old thread you posted, you mentioned you epoxied the old nylon gear to repair it. Can you give a little bit more detail of exactly how you did that?


Thank you!


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