A55 , # 9

Stuart Hemingway

Atten. Of Joerg Esdorn,




I know that your boat is one of the later production versions and I’d like to ask if you have details of the battery arrangement on your boat.


Do you have AGM’s and are the battery boxes ventilated either mechanically or by natural ventilation ,ours are not.


Also do you have a wiring plan for the shunts and the batteries and do you have one or two shunts , we have two.


The boat has gone through 40 # AGM ,160 v batteries from the launch of the boat in 2012.


Mastervolt tell me that their guarantee is void because the batteries should have been Gel and because the Amel wire up to the batteries does not follow the Mastervolt recommendation.


If you can help in any way with information that would be really appreciated.







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