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Joerg Esdorn

Hi Stuart, 160 V batteries?  Sorry to hear you're having problems.  My boat came with 6 MV 12/200 gel batteries for the house bank and a MV 90 Ah AGM battery to start the engine and generator.  According to the plans, there was only one shunt although I've not confirmed that fact.  Plan attached.  The battery compartment has a watertight seal to the cabin sole although as Billy indicates, there are cables existing from it so it may be that it is not fully watertight.  In any event, it is ventilated by a fan in the engine room - pic attached.  The fan is right next to the water pump reservoir.  There are hoses entering and exiting the battery compartment right above the bilge - you can't miss them on my boat.  See the hoses furthest left and right in the picture of the bilge.  I hope that helps.  I have had the gels replaced with MV MLI 24/5500 LiFePO4 batteries just this year.  I also had a second shunt installed to monitor the engine battery.  Cheers Joerg

Joerg Esdorn
A55 #53 Kincsem
On the hard in Vigo, Spain

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