Re: Heater and fuel bladder

eric freedman


I meant to use a pump to fill the tank.

To empty the tank I just stick the hose in the fuel fill and open the valve.

Wednesday sounds good for dinner.

I am heading South Saturday.

Fair Winds



You would know if you had the fresh air system as there is a separate circuit breaker for it.




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I'll look to see if I have those blowers, but I don't believe I have them.
The luxury of linking the heater with the engine and hot water circuits, along with the option of a cockpit heating unit seem to make the hydronic system a great option. 
As far as pumping fuel from the bladder, it doesn't get any easier then a siphon system. 
I'm free thru wednesday. I'm making a scallop trip friday, and we leave 2am. How's Wednesday nite for dinner? Roberto, Charles, Jeff G.? Anyone else?

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