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Wolfgang Weber <webercardio@...>

Hi Jörg,
I hopefully may return to my boat in Florida after 1 year next march.  I am thinking to replace my 600Ah/24V batteries with Battle Born batteries 12x50Ah/24 V.
On this way I will bring my whole system to the Mastervolt Bus .
3 years ago I changed the Mastercharger -100A to MV CombiUltra 100/3500. This inverter (charger to the batteries) connects to microwave and 220 Volt outlets.
I will try to fix the MV chargemaster 100 A in the room left to the batteries with additional ventilation.
By this way the 24 V cabels should be short and I will not pass the cables through the engine-room.
A MV-shunt 500 will be added. So my question:
I will bypass the shunt for the bowthruster because auf its high load.
2.) I will bring an extra MV Easyview - one is already near the Onan switchboard-in the cockpit to switch the MV 100A Charger next to a new Onan switch in the cockpit/helm station.
The MV alpha regulator will be changed to a MV alpha pro III which also connects to the MV Bus.
I hope to optimize my generator time.
Solar arch is not an option for me.
Any comments? 
Wolfgang Weber SY Elise Amel 54 #162

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