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Kent, I remember one of the beautiful Amel 54’s (Tinto IV) that I looked at very closely had done a circumnaviation of Norway, Sweden, Finland (through the Russian canals) and the owner (Bengt Martinson)  had rigged a similar setup as they were sailing well north of the Arctic circle.  Here is a picture I had found on Facebook explaining what he did…   he said it consisted of a plastic 90 degree elbow and 150 cm of flexible ventilation hose attached to the existing vent.  He said it kept the enclosure nice and toasty as long as they were motor sailing and gave off absolutely no smell (although I can attest that the engine room on Tinto IV was spotless).  Bengt has since sold Tinto IV to another lucky buyer so not sure he is still watching these pages or not.  


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Seems like a great idea Kent. 
Go for it!  


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Has anyone routed the engine room vent exhaust (not the engine exhaust) into the cockpit for warmth?  There shouldn't be any carbon monoxide in it, but might have a little oil or diesel, ir bilge smell depending on how clean the engine room is. Seems like it would be an easy solution and produce a lot if heat. Might even warm the salon a bit.

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