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Nick Newington

Hi Kent,

I think this has been done before by an Amel in Scandinavia, with success. Not sure who??

 It would be easy to try it with some flexible ducting pipe run from the outlet, over the cockpit combing and into the tented cockpit. For sure it would work as a heater. Then if successful plumb it in properly.
I have not found much dirt around the existing outlet but I guess it would smell a bit engine roomy, and of course there is the Amel bilge...on a positive note a weekly wash down of the engine room with bucket of hot soapy water, stiff brush and an aquavac is a good discipline anyway...maybe add a filter like on a cooker hood extractor?

On the subject of heating. I was thinking of installing a mini heated towel rail in the aft cabin head. The idea was to plum it into the hot water from the engine. Only need to drill two 15mm holes in the bulkhead with towel rail directly hanging the other side. The pipe would be copper or stainless. There could be a simple diverter valve in the engine domestic hot water circuit so the flow would come from the hot water tank return and the return would (have either a one way valve or just an on off) go back to the engine. In hot countries the towel rail would be out of the circuit and thus off. I have not got around to this, but in cold climates it would be really great. There could also  be a 220v  heating element so with either the engine or the generator or shore power there would be heat.
Problems ?
It would have to be custom made.
Maybe it would get too hot, like 80 centigrade.....I know the hot water can get scalding hot after a motor!

(back in U.K. in hospital after knee replacement. Hoping to be ready to sail by March.)

S/V Amelia 
AML 54 Leros Gr.

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Has anyone routed the engine room vent exhaust (not the engine exhaust) into the cockpit for warmth?  There shouldn't be any carbon monoxide in it, but might have a little oil or diesel, ir bilge smell depending on how clean the engine room is. Seems like it would be an easy solution and produce a lot if heat. Might even warm the salon a bit.

SM 243

Kent & Iris

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