Re: New member, one foot in San Francisco, one in the Med


Welcome JB!

If you brouse this Forum you will find a thread where self-insurance was  discussed for a while.

Enjoy your Amel

Attika A54
Paraty- Brazil 

Em ter., 8 de dez. de 2020 às 05:30, David Crisp <david@...> escreveu:

Welcome to the community John,

You have stirred up happy memories of when I lived in Tiburon and raced out of Tiburon Yacht Club on a J105.  Now living back in the UK but cruising on my Amel 54 in the Med in the summer.  I'm currently based near Toulon but heading to Greece in the Spring, hope we get to cross paths and share stories over a beer.
David Crisp
SV Wilna Grace
Amel 54 #58

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