Re: Heater and fuel bladder


Just a quick note regarding my use of the propane heater.
It wasn't left on for an extended period of time, I only had the screw on little canister, so it was used sparingly. It was brought for just such emergency use.
Unfortunately, the propane switch in the propane locker had failed, so the stove wasn't an option.
Perhaps we shouldn't use the stove aboard either, considering it too runs on propane.
Making the solo run, and north of the gulf stream within 75 miles of the coast, boat and ship traffic is very active, and it gets cold at night. It was November.  From the entrance of Delaware Bay , north across the Fairways leading into NY harbor it was extremely active. I made that crossing at night. There were a bunch of draggers working the "mud hole", which is just off the harbor entrance, complicating the crossing. They haul back, turn, and go the other way indiscriminantly. Ask me how I know that. If you think I was down below long enough to drop dead of carbon monoxide poisoning you are mistaken. I was lucky to come down and light the stove and warm up for an hour.

Spirit Amel 54 #14

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