Re: A55 , # 9

Billy Newport

I'm in the process of adding more MV also. I switched my Victron 35A MPPT to a SCM60 during the week and added an Easyview 5 above the AC panel in the galley. I replaced the 675A fuse/holder under the nav seat with a MV shunt and put the 675A fuse in the shunt instead of the original fuse holder I removed. I will finish this weekend by connecting the Alpha pro II to both my chargers 100A and 60A, then the Easyview and then the SCM60 then the shunt. At least thats the plan anyway. I will also add a MV NMEA bridge so I can get data out of MV to store on my logging device which I have everything else besides MV being logged to right now (NMEA, Volvo data, gen data, various 433Mhz temp sensors around the boat on compressors, rooms etc).

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