Re: Secondary Saltwater Manifold SMs & 54s, and possibly some Santorins, Mangos, and Maramus

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Most SM & 54 owners are aware that sooner or later they will need to replace the Secondary Saltwater Manifold which was made by Amel from copper pipe.
Here is a view of the original SM Secondary Saltwater Manifold:

There have been some very good after-market stainless steel manifolds produced by various sources including the one below made by Emek Marine for around 1,000 euro. The one below was installed on BeBe SM 387.

I have taken on the project to find the best replacement for this manifold. Many of you are aware that Amel has switched to a PVC manifold for saltwater distribution and eliminated both the Primary and Secondary Saltwater Manifolds that are common in SMs and 54s. The supplier to Amel is SOFOMARIN, France. I have been working with SOFOMARIN to design a suitable replacement for the Secondary Saltwater Manifold in SMs & 54s. What is shown below is 60cm wide and will fit all of the SM hoses and will work on the 54 by keeping one of the far left outlets closed and capped. All of the hose barb connectors included are an exact match to the original hoses used in SMs and 54s. If you are not in Europe, the 35mm hose barb on the right side is virtually impossible to find.

The above PVC manifold will cost around 350 euros from SOFOMARIN in France. Before I take this to the next level, I would like to see how much interest we have in this group. If any owner has the original copper Secondary Manifold, I believe you should consider this replacement. 

Please reply with "interested" if you are interested. 


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