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Patrick McAneny

Matt, I went with Gary at Manifest Marine in June,he has been very responsive. Could I ask which insurance co. he put you with ,and if you like the coverage or policy provisions . I am with Windsor Mount Joy , whom I have had my home owners policy with for years and the travel restrictions are tight.
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I’ve been using Gary, and his father, Al, before him, for years. Elliot is the 3rd generation in the business.


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If I were insuring in today's environment, I would be tempted to buy liability insurance and sell-insure for all other damages. If this appeals to you there is a broker I trust in the business who will write liability only insurance. Gary and his son, Elliott, write marine policies worldwide:
Gary Golden & Elliott Golden
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Fredericksburg, Virginia 22407 USA
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Hi Pat,

Better late than never! Pantaenius is just a broker, even though they
want to portray themselves as an insurer. They used to be one of our
agents. I am still working and a bit busy (hopefully will go back to
more sailing/cruising at some point), and I will look into the past
Where are you based?

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> John,
>  Too bad you did not join the group last spring , you could have contributed greatly to a discussion the group had about group insurance.
>  I was in the market to insure my boat after Pantaenius pulled out of the US market and insurance was more difficult and costly to acquire . I thought it possible for a group such as the Amel  Owners to self insure , I suggested it to another owner and we put a thread out to the group ,suggesting it. I envisioned keeping it simple ,but suggestions came in ,going in many directions , more complex , with objections ,etc.
> Not having a background in the insurance industry ,and not willing to answer basically the same concerns and questions over and over ,I gave up on herding the cats. I still think the idea has merit , if lead by someone that has the background and the willingness to invest the time and energy to get it off the ground. You may find it interesting to go back and read the posts
> Welcome to the group,
> Pat
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> Search the topic "Self Insurance" post # 52235 dated May 18, 2020
> here is a link below;
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> Hello all,
> I wanted to introduce myself. I bought Bill Reilly's Meltem. What can I say? Just fell in love with her. Dealing directly with Bill instead of a broker was like day and night.
> I have been around boats all my life, started with an Opti, then a 420, then a Finn with 470s and 505s. I still race a Laser at European and World championships.
> I have also raced and cruised all kind of boats. My best memories were with my Swan 47. BUT no more teak decks for me (!).
> Racing in the freezing cold and windy San Francisco Bay took a toll on me, hence a Meltem with cold beers, and in the Med will be a nice change.
> On the business side I am an engineer and I have been in the insurance and software business all my life, throughout the world. Anything from owning a brokerage company to Exec or CEO of insurance companies, one of them I founded.
> I hate to mix pleasure and business but I have to say I don't like the state of yacht insurance, and maybe Amel owners are a special breed. If anybody wants to discuss a self insured group, a rent a captive, just reach out to me. Totally doable and we will put our Mentor, Bill Rouse, as Trustee (Bill, I should have asked before).
> I love the vibe of that group. Where do you find the time the find to maintain your boat with such a high standard?
> I hope to meet some of you in person :-)
> --
> John Bernard "JB" Duler
> San Francisco
> Meltem # 19, Western Med

John-Bernard Duler

John Bernard "JB" Duler
San Francisco
Meltem # 19, Western Med

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