Re: It´s time to introduce ourselves.

Giorgio Ardrizzi

Dear Martin and Anke, thank you for telling me your story since we last said goodbye in the Beagle waters.
We still stay until 2011 and after 16 years, with big sadness, we returned to Buenos Aires.
In that time we worked 3 seasons in Italy on a beautiful Solaris 72.
In Uruguay we did some important works to Saudade III and then we navigate two years in Brazilian waters to finally get in 2018 to the Lesser Antilles.
This year we were blocked at Martinique because of the pandemic. We would always intend to find a nice SM 2000, but with this situations of uncertainty we prefer to stay in standby for the moment.

In 2016 after a year of hard work, the third edition of our Patagonia nautical guide came out, ready to corrupt the tropical dreams of some sailor, persuading him to go to Polynesia passing through the classic route!
So far no one who has taken that decision has ever complained, indeed several of them have regrets of not to be stayed longer in that waters!
Congratulations for your new 54, Mago del Sur (wow, what evocative name!), a magnificent yacht that certainly will give you so much satisfaction!

We stay in touch and who knows if there is an opportunity to cross our routes again.
A big hug to you and Anke and fair wind.

Giorgio Ardrizzi
sv Saudade III - Sharki #1

Il Mar 8 Dic 2020, 17:03 Martin Birkhoff <mbirkhoff@...> ha scritto:

Wow, what a surprise, Giorgio,

we never expected to meet you this way. How are you and Mariolina? Nice to hear that you are sailing “Saudade III” still today. Now you can recognize your long lasting influence to our decisions!

Dear Amelians, reading Giorgios unexpected email and your welcoming responses makes us feel like joining a family.

Georgio, in 2007 we continued north from Ushuaia, had to cancel our trip to Juan Fernandez island due to cracks in our mast support and to head for Higuerillas, Chile. After finishing the repairs we sailed the Chilean and Peruvian coast northbound, visited Galapagos and continued to French Polynesia. From Tahiti Anke had to return to Germany in June 2008. The Government refused to extend her leave and she decided not to quit her job. I promised to sail back “Just do it” to Bremen within 12 month. I returned via Red Sea and Med but failed the promised time. “Just do its” arrived in her homeport in October 2009. By the way, after our first proof while sailing Anke and I continued the proofing process some 6 further years. After ten years of proofing we decided this should be sufficient and married in 2015.

We still keep your Patagonian Guide and it will guide us during the next years for sure. We still keep the Atlas Hydrografico de Chile too. Rich memories and useful.

Martin and Anke
SV Mago del Sur – 54#40

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