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Hi Mark,

Amel sent me plugs years ago. They looked like the original ones that came with my new boat, but they did not fit. Do your plugs fit the hole?

Olivier suggested something like life caulk ,and as was mentioned put too much in the hole. Wait a week and trim it flush. Looks and works great.

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I am getting ready to tackle a project I have been putting off for a while. I need to replace the screw cover plugs in the genoa track. I would like to get this right the first time and not have to redo this.


I ordered plugs from Amel. I was sent white semi opaque plugs the exact size of the hole. I am not sure these are going to have much UV protection so I have a question to those who have done this. Did you cover or treat the top of the plug with something such as paint before installation?


I have some Dow 737 goop to seal the plugs (this was recommended on this forum). I do not think this has any UV protection properties, so again, the same question. How do I protect the plug?


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