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Scott SV Tengah

Not sure how all of you keep your engine room smelling fresh! We have a bucket for pre-washing dishes which we physically walk outside to dump overboard and it still smells a bit in the engine room when I'm down there doing maintenance. While it's true that you shouldn't have CO contamination from the Diesel engine, is it worth risking it? A leak somewhere in the exhaust circuit could really ruin your day.

Jeff - Regarding the Wakespeed - I don't know much about them but I guess your A54 has the 175A alternator? Can you change that to the Mastervolt 24/110 setup? It's very programmable so you can set bulk/absorption/float just like a 220v charger. It's also rated for continuous use and I have tested it. With 30% SOC, I ran it until my batteries were fully charged. Keep in mind my lifepo4 setup can take full current util the batteries are effectively full so the alternator was maxing out for 3.5 hours. MV said I didn't need a temp sensor but I installed one anyways and it didn't taper output.

The MV/Alphapro setup has a reg-on wire that can safely turn off your alternator. I installed a switch in case I want to stop charging on long motoring sessions. But generally I just let the other components in my system manage that (BMS, alpha pro regulator).  I recall a post where you had a mini battery explosion during motoring so I understand your desire to control charging when nearly full.

I know you said you have lead, but if you're going to spend money to upgrade, you might want to consider future proofing in case you decide to move away from lead one day.

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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