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That is the antisiphon plumbing for your Onan. It is different on a 54 than a SM. 
This used part on eBay may work for you, but you need to verify dimensions: 

Or, possibly the Vetus universal plastic ANTI SYPHON DEVICE WITH VALVE, 13 - 32 MM can fit. I like this one because you don't need to worry about corrosion and hoses with internal diameters of 13, 19, 25, or 32mm will fit. Also, the air bleed connection rotates through 360°: 

My only other recommendation is removing it and having a stainless steel welder duplicate it.

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I also seek a replacement for this three way junction in the roof of the engine room above the hot water tank on the port side. I have mended it with some exhaust pipe tape several hundred miles ago but does anyone know where ai can get an equivalent replacement. Amel cannot help.

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