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Beaute Olivier

Hello Mike,

in the SM2000 (starting october 1998), the A/C compact units compressors are cooled with seawater. The pump starts whenever one of the units is turned on cooling mode.
But when these A/C units are turned on heating mode (as you mention, heat comes from a resistance), then the seawater pump does not run, and seawater is not running through the circuit.


On Thursday, December 10, 2020, 10:00:02 PM GMT+1, Mike Ondra via <mdondra@...> wrote:

Quick question. In the SM circa 1999, water is pumped through the three air handling units in both cooling and heating mode even though the heating mode is resistance. Is there a way, or would it be imprudent, too turn off the water pump when in heat mode. Would it be reasonable to install a switch on the water pump circuit to avoid circulating water when it’s not needed.
Mike Ondra
Aletes SM240

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